You can find and test our jars in dozens of cafes, in more than a dozen cities in Poland. Sometimes they are a permanent position there, sometimes they are guest speakers. Below you will find the ones we love to go to as often as possible, and we recommend you to do exactly the same, not only because of the coffee!


Most of our coffees can also be found in the largest coffee shop in Poland.

cafes / warsaw, kołobrzeg

The boutique coffee shop chain Coffeedesk, with locations in Warsaw and Kolobrzeg, usually has heresies on the shelf and sometimes on the bar.

Warsaw, Wilcza 42
Warsaw, Próżna 7
Warsaw, Tamka 2
Kolobrzeg, Mazowiecka 24

cafe / warsaw

An important distribution point for our heresies, both from the bar and off the shelf, including a permanent heretic epresco on the mill! Basia and Michael, are close to us, with whom we have had more than one coffee together <3

Warsaw, Slowackiego 22/LU2

cafe / warsaw

This is where almost everything started… It’s not a coffee shop, it’s an INSTITUTION! One of our favorite places where you can always find jars to take home or test at the bar.

Warsaw, Slowackiego 15/19

cafe / gdynia

A cult place in Gdynia, where you will find the best cakes by Basia and coffees brewed by one of the most successful Polish baristas – Leszek! There are almost always jars looking at you from the shelf to buy home and drink on the spot.

Gdynia, Wladyslaw IV 28

KAWIARNIA / warsaw

Is it possible to have a café open for three hours a day? You can. Can it be open 3 times a week? Maybe. Such heresies from Michal Sitarek! Scandinavian Lifestyle likes it.

Warsaw, Gen. W. Andersa 30

KAWIARNIA / warsaw

A local cafe in Wola, where you will regularly drink heresy from a jar!

Warsaw, Sowińskiego 53d/u13

KAWIARNIA / warsaw

Moko, or Mokotow, is known. An inconspicuous place with a great amount of heresy! And our coffees, too. Charles and Eve are not only first-class pranksters, but virtuosos of gluten and sugar. There we eat the best cinnamon and sandwiches in this part of Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw, Malczewskiego 6

KAWIARNIA / warsaw

The now legendary Relaks has long been one of our favorite Warsaw cafes, so it’s all the more awesome to be hosted at their bar and on their shelves.

Warsaw, Pulawska 48


Dej are some of the most baked goods in the city, and we bake coffee for them. Girls embrace esko as much as bread!

Warsaw, Płatnicza 57


We first got to know Chrupko privately during a visit to Lublin, and then with the greatest pleasure we started sending them jars regularly! Worth dropping in for more than coffee!

Lublin, Koralowa 21

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