Delivery and payment


We like simple solutions, and 6 different shipping and payment options didn’t look good, so we figured we’d knock out all those “cash on delivery” ones. More work than good with it, expensive, and if you like the retro vibe very much, it’s not necessarily in the payments. Shipping options are two: courier to your home or Parcel Post. Payment when placing an order, here all the options of the 21st century work.

We also had a lot of crazy ideas on how to play free delivery, which we know we all love, but with the crazy prices of courier services and the abstract prices of cardboard boxes, this love has the status of “it’s complicated.” After great calculations in our favorite Excel program, we decided that what the heck, we’ll contribute to these delivery costs along with you, if you take two jars from us, it’ll be a fair deal if it makes you visit us more often. It came out to us that from £90 there would always be two, but £88 sounds cooler, and in numerology it’s the number of highs, no coincidences!


Free delivery from £88

All prepaid orders from the value of 88 PLN are shipped free of charge by DPD courier or Parcel Post.

DPD courier

Home delivery: £14.69

Inpost parcel machines

Delivery to Parcel Machine: PLN 11.69


Online payments

Transfers24, Apple Pay, Google Pay, payment card (implemented through Stripe).


B2B Delivery and Payment

Due to the larger size and weight of the parcels, deliveries to the cafe are made by DPD courier at a net price of PLN 16 per parcel up to 30 kg. In Warsaw, we deliver all packages in person (and free of charge!), so we are in constant contact. At gastro, we rely on invoices with due dates, but we also ship cash on delivery or accept cash payment for personal delivery in Warsaw.