The Sinner set

Geisha, Robusta, Geisha+Robusta
3 x 126 g




Christmas, tfu, winter set of three coffees of 126 grams each. For this set, we threw in the total sin coffees themselves:


  • Agua Tibia | Guatemala | San Jose Pinula

Geisha | Natural | 88.5

Geisha from Guatemala, sin worthy!

  • Chácara Recanto dos lpês | Brazil (read more)

Amazonian Robusta | Natural

Fine quality Robusta (the equivalent of specialty), our total heresy this year! Does it taste like earth and tires? No, it tastes so good that we couldn’t distinguish it from the arabica on the table! It’s a sin not to try it!

  • Blend: 50% Robusta + 50% Geisha

SAY WHAAAAAT!!! Yes! We mixed robusta and geisha, there are no sanctities for us! 😈 50/50, and what the heck, on thick! Perhaps a grave sin, perhaps the only such coffee in the world (and if not, we’d love to meet the crazies!).


PS. We are currently packaging the coffees for the kits in clear jars. It swept all the brown ones of this size off the market. They look equally charming, presentable, wintry and heretical. All in all, it’s an even more limited version. If you’re baaarious about the version in brown jars it’s available at Coffeedesk 🙂

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blend, geisha, Amazonian Robusta


3 x 126 g


Brazil, Guatemala

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